Pastoral Council

Pastoral Bylaws

We, the Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, are people of faith, rich in heritage and prayer.  We are witnesses to God’s love in our community, committed to living and sharing the discipleship of Jesus.  This is accomplished through Eucharistic celebration, social justice, the sharing of our gifts and by being a source of hope.  We serve our parish by living the Gospel.  We celebrate our sense of family through liturgy, ministry and family-based education.  We evangelize in our homes, our neighborhoods and our work places.  We welcome those in need.

Feel free to call the office at (512) 478-7955 or send an email to an individual.

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Friar Florencio Rodriguez, TOR Pastor  
Deacon Mario Renteria Deacon Send Email
Ramon Gomez Chair Send Email
Mike Guajardo Vice Chair  
Pam Corn Finance Council Liaison Send Email
Florence BriceƱo Secretary Send Email
Sergio Rodriguez    
Maria Josefina Delgado    
Suzie Plyler   Send Email
Sylvia de la Rosa   Send Email
Carlota Garcia    
Albert Banda