Ways to Support OLG

It is through the love and support of our parishioners and the community that allow Our Lady of Guadalupe church to offer the many programs and services to the community. Many families of OLG support the parish in the following ways.  If you would like more information please contact the parish office at (512) 478-7955.

      Bequests (Wills)
      Donation of Personal Property
      Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
      Life Insurance Policies with OLG as the Beneficiary
      Matching Gift opportunities
      Monetary Donations and Pledges
      Online Donations
      Real Estate
      Stocks and Bonds
      The Parish Wish List
      United Way –contact your employer’s United Way Representative for details

Also consider these fun ways to give

Birthday Donation
Have a birthday coming up?  In thanksgiving, on your birthday, make a donation in the amount of your age.  For example, celebrating 15 make a donation of $15 dollars or celebrating 50, and then make a contribution for $50.00 dollars in honor of your birthday.

Anniversary Donation
Are you or someone you know celebrating an Anniversary?  Make a donation to the parish in thanksgiving in the amount of your anniversary year.  For example, celebrating your 25th anniversary?  Make a donation in yours and your spouses name for $25.00 dollars.